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Intercultural training

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Ready for international success

You want to get your candidate up and running effectively on their new international assignment?

International projects are often complex, no matter if you are dealing with the preparation of an international trade fair, the new formation of a subsidiary abroad or the relocation of your expatriates and their families.

expertalis supports companies worldwide on-site and online with intercultural high-tech and high touch solutions.

We can offer you a comprehensive consulting and on-going assistance and support, to develop further your international success:

In-person or Web-based cross-cultural trainings in 140+ countries

Expertise of a worldwide network of more than 450 international coaches and trainers.

Our classroom trainings, workshops and coachings with experienced country experts are tailored for a long-term, in-depth preparation for specific target cultures. Whether you aim for a cross-cultural preparation training, an international teambuilding, global sales, negotiations abroad, or any other international business activity – our experts and trainers have expertise in over 140 countries and cultures.

Intercultural e-learning courses

The country-specific e-learning courses convey the most important aspects of successfully establishing contacts and cooperating with business partners and colleagues from various cultures in a few easy chapters.

Our modular e-learning courses are suitable for the short-term competence development of the most important dos and don’ts in a certain culture as well as for an overall cross-cultural training by means of our blended learning concepts. The integrated videos as well as many reflecting questions, examples and quiz provide a varied, comprehensive and structured learning experience with sustainable success.

Intercultural video library

The video library with currently more than 350 intercultural videos provides you with the most important country-specific dos and don’ts in international business situations.

Our video library provides an easy and effective way to get cultural competency into everyday life or international business situations, e.g. “Meetings in country XY”, “First business appointment in country XY”, “Facial expressions and gestures in country XY” etc. Accessible from anywhere, the episodes deliver the critical local knowledge in a short and friendly format.

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