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Your expert for corporate mergers and acquisitions

Corporate mergers and acquisitions are Albert Krimmer’s domain. The amateur mountain biker has developed an impressive CV with his involvement in over 100 individual projects. This includes intensive guidance in sometimes long-term succession plans. Thanks to a high-performance network of lawyers, notaries, appraisers and brokers, all his projects are able to be completed in an efficient, demand-based manner. Before the Tessin fan became a tax consultant in 1992, Albrecht Krimmer worked in various government tax offices, the Oberfinanzdirektion Stuttgart and as a tax clerk and later as an office manager at several audit and tax consultancies. This was followed by several years as an independent tax consultant. Since 1998, he has managed the fortunes of STUMPP + KRIMMER Unternehmensberatung GmbH as its managing partner. Since 2010, he has been a partner of RTS Steuerberatungsgesellschaft KG and places great value on the personal, intensive care of his clients.


“Give confidence is one of the most rewarding investments that exist.”

Albrecht Krimmer


Albrecht Krimmer


Schaflandstrasse 6
70736 Fellbach

Phone: 0049 711 34 24 37-0
Fax: 0049 711 34 24 37-10



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Schaflandstraße 6
70736 Fellbach
Telefon: +49711 34 24 37-0
Telefax: +49711 34 24 37-10
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